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Every family has more electrical devices today than were even available 40 years ago. Most homes built in the 60s, 70s, or before were not wired for today’s current uses. A power panel upgrade is often a necessity to keep these older homes safe. Some homes that have been remodeled need larger panels and more circuits to handle the additional load. If your lights dim when the refrigerator knocks on, you are seriously in need of a power panel upgrade. A lack of sufficient electrical circuits and adequate amperage can shorten the life of all your electrical appliances. For your family’s safety, you should consider a power panel upgrade as soon as possible if any of these conditions exist.
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Complete Commercial Services

Kris Youngquist and All Things Electric have over 25 years of commercial experience. Building an electrical service for a large commercial building is a great deal different than installing one on a home. Some commercial work is performed in wood framed structures so it is more similar to residential applications. While the commercial electrician must be versatile in many different aspects within the electrical profession, home wiring is rather standard under most applications.

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